Monday, October 22, 2007

Just Because
I took some cute photos so I figured I'd post them here to share. Jess's hair is finally long enough to put in pony tails. She keeps them in better than barrettes. Isn't she adorable!! This is the dress she wore to get her picture taken by Olan Mills for the church directory. Of course, we ended up buying extra pictures. We should be getting them soon. We got a couple pictures of the kids and a family photo.

Her shirt says "Who needs a costume when you're already a princess". I think she'll wear this outfit to Haunted Hallways at Jason's school on Friday.

We got boo'd. Someone anonymously leaves a bag of treats at your door along with a poem and a picture to hang in your window. You in turn leave a bag of treats, a poem and a picture at someone else's house. You hang the picture so you don't get boo'd again.