Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beautiful Day
Today was beautiful - in the 60's and a little breezy. Our tree in the front year lost all of its leaves and Jess loves to throw them in the air and try to catch them.


Try as I might, I just can't keep this updated as quickly as I'd like. Life gets in the way, you know? So, as usual, I'm playing catchup.

We celebrated Jess's birthday as a family in September. We had her friend's party in October because I wasn't quick enough to plan it to get it in the right month. We are limited to Sundays because of dance and we're limited to after 12 because of church. We had her party at Big East Gymnastics where she takes lessons. It was a blast. We invited several of her friends from the neighborhood and church as well as all the girls in her class. They swung on the rings, jumped on the trampoline, climbed the rock wall, jumped into the foam pit and cartwheeled. Jess gives me a heart attack every time she does a flip in the air.

I laugh when people tell me their kids can't make up their minds what they want to be for Halloween until a couple days before. Jessica makes her choice in February when my friend goes to visit her mom who works at WDW. So far, Jess has been Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Belle. We got 2 years out of Cinderella but I think it might be only one year for Belle because this year's costume was a tiny bit tight (it doesn't help that she needs to layer underneath it to go trick or treating unless she wants to go out in a winter jacket over her costume).

Halloween took over much of the month of October this year. We went to a magical munchkins party at Liz's house on 10/1, trick or treating at Jess's school on 10/21, Halloween party at Plimoth Plantation on 10/28, and trick or treating around the neighborhood on 10/31.

At the magical munchkins party, Jess and the older kids had an egg hunt by flashlight. Jess won at pin the tail on the cat as well as getting the most eggs in the hunt.

Jason went to his friend's house on Halloween and I took Jess out. We were out for around 2 hours. We'd planned on going to the mall first but decided to meet up with the neighbors instead. We outlasted everyone. At the very end, we started getting really cold and Jess's feet hurt so we headed home around 8:30.

A couple days after Halloween, we watched a squirrel take Jess's little pumpkin out of the big pumpkin's mouth and carry it over the fence in his mouth. That was one determined squirrel! He dropped it a couple of times and would look at us in the window watching him and then at the pumpkin as if he was trying to decide whether it was worth it or not. Apparently it was because he went back each time and picked it up again. Finally, he did make it over the fence with it. Jess was upset at first that he took her pumpkin but I told her that the pumpkin would rot anyway so at least this way she was feeding the squirrel.