Sunday, April 05, 2009

Playing Catch-up

It's been busy so I've fallen WAY behind in my blog. Here's a quick photo recap of what's going on in the Land of the Sullivans.

Jess came down with hives. No clue where they came from. Poor baby.

Our pond on my way to bringing Jason to karate.

March snowstorm

Jess being cool. One of my paras gave her the sweater.

Kids at Capron Park Zoo.

Jason at fencing. He loves it. I told him that since we're so busy this summer with Calumet, swimming lessons and our trip to California, I'd let him sign up for the late spring session when this session ends.

We went to New Tokyo for our annivesary. It's a Japanese hibachi restaurant. The food was awesome and the entertainment very good.
Jason tried the soup. He didn't like it but that wasn't a surprise.

Jess tried the soup. She liked it; again, no surprise.

The local shopping area has a community room where you can take free pictures with your camera. Jason was less than thrilled about getting his picture taken but he wanted the candy the bunny was giving out. Jess asked if she could go back again the next day because she loves the bunny - what a change from last year!!

We went back the following Saturday and Jess hopped right onto his lap.