Monday, October 08, 2012

Playing catchup again

I always have good intentions of keeping my blog up to date but I never seem to find the time.  Here's the psat couple of months in our lives.

Jess's 7th Birthday

We got a bounce house for Jess's birthday party and invited about 20 kids from the neighborhood, church, and last year's kindergarten.  Jess wanted a Tangled theme.  When the kids were leaving, one neighborhood boy proclaimed it the "Best party ever!"  That definitely made it worth all the work!
The invites I made.  The white scratches are because this is the photo I used to show it on another site and I didn't want my address out there.  

Jess ready to go down the slide in the bounce house.

Blowing out the candles on the adult cake.  The kids had cupcakes to frost and decorate with sugar eyes I made to make them look like Pascal.

Pinata.  Mike scored it so it would break easier. Now that Jess is older, we need to stop doing that.  Only a couple kids got a turn before it burst.  

My Pascal blowers - aren't they cute?

Paintbox favors.  Rapunzel loved to paint so I thought these were cute.  I took advantage of the back to school sales.

Sun cookies.  One of the symbols in the Tangled movie was the sun.

Jess with her Tangled braid.  We'd taken pics of each kid wearing the crown and braid.

September 2012

Jason and Jordan at Plymouth North High School's Homecoming

Jess has Bieber fever!

Jess and her schultuete.  I read about this German tradition on line and thought it'd be cute to do.  Traditionally they're filled with school supplies.  I filled the kids' with candy although Jess did get some new pencils.

Jason and his schultuete

Jess ready to go to first grade

First time taking the bus to school

Apple picking

My cats have shoe fetishes.  No shoe is safe from being slept, scratched or nibbled on.

Jess and Auntie Jen after riding Codzilla.  The ride was Jess's birthday present from Auntie Jen.  She had a blast!

Jess's favorite food is mac and cheese so when we came across this sculpture in Boston, we couldn't pass up the photo op.

Annual cardiology checkup.  Her ekg was fine but the echo machine broke down so we have to go back in the spring.  We asked if there are any restrictions - roller coasters, etc and Dr. Rhodes said no restrictions at all.  Yeah!

Jess and I went to the PawSox with our church.  It was Jess's first baseball game.  PawSox lost but we had a good time.

Camel ride at the Marshfield Fair.  We took Jason and his girlfriend, Jordan, to the fair for his birthday.  I got them the ride bracelets which is SO much cheaper than paying for rides individually.

We went to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats at the South Shore Music Circus.  They are amazing!

Birthday, July 4 and the beach

Jason and Jess at Long Beach. 

Jason's birthday.  What does every 14 year old boy want?  A rotating waffle iron, of course!

Using his waffle iron

4th of July

Fun at Long Beach

The Cruise

In July we went on a cruise to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  We had a blast.  Lots of eating, walking around town, and relaxing. We had to unplug since cellphones and internet are ridiculously expensive onboard.  That was amazingly freeing.  We visited a Titanic exhibit, Jason and I went to a towel folding demo, I went to a cooking demo. The shows were awesome.  All in all, a very good time.

                                             The family with the Captain.
                                                Jess and her favorite soup - strawberry
                                                Our ship
                                             Sitting on the dock in Halifax
                                                    The view from our porthole
                                                     Magician and assistant - that was an excellent show!
                                                      Jason and Jess at the Citadel
                                Jess in her cubbyhole.  She'd pull the curtains and have her own space.
Jason coming down the waterslide