Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

It was a busy day today. I'm on vacation time so I went to bed around 1:30 last night. Up at 8:30 today so not too bad. I let Jess stay up late last night (not as late as me!) and she also slept in until 8:30. When Mike got home from his parents this morning, I ran some last minute errands. Some people may be lamenting the lack of snow this year but I was loving running around on Christmas Eve in a sweater. I hate wearing a coat. I made brownies for the nursing home staff, wrapped some things, and got Jess ready. At 3:30 we were on our way to the nursing home to pick my mom up. By 4:30 we were at church. We were early but we wanted to make sure we were sitting up front so my mom could see. It was a beautiful service. The Sunday School kids sang Away in the Manger. I loved when we lit our candles and the lights were dimmed for Silent Night. After church, we went to eat at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Dinner was good but it was late for my mom and it showed. After dinner, we dropped her off and then went home so the kids could open one present. Jason opened a package of magnet balls and Jess opened a bizarre plant kit. Afterward Jess put on her new Christmas nightgown (Kanani got a matching one) and put out the reindeer food she'd made in school. Then she got Santa's snack ready. We just checked to to see where Santa is. He's in Greenland so it's time for her to get to bed before he starts heading down the east coast.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MA

Sprinkling reindeer food

Modeling new pj's

Jess and her Nana

Getting the manger ready.

Ready for church Adding carrots to the snack for Dancer