Thursday, August 23, 2007

August Moon Festival and Marshfield Fair
I got an email that Quincy was holding an August Moon Festival celebration last Sunday so Mike and I took the kids to check it out. There were games and arts and crafts for the kids. Jason won some candy and little toys. Jess colored a fan.

There was a lot of entertainment from dancing to singing to martial arts. This picture is from the Lion Dance.

I'm not sure what SpongeBob has to do with the festival.

Jess and Jason coloring paper airplaces to shoot at the moon (a large white ball) and win a prize

Yesterday I took the kids to the Marshfield Fair. It was Kids Day so the kids got in free. We went when we first moved here and Mike experienced culture shock with all the country exhibits - largest pumpkin, haystacks, greased pig racing.

You never know what you'll see at the fair. Here are some vegetable critters.

Jess likes the buffalo.

Jess loves birds.

Some country fiddling and songs about the pawpaw patch.

Jess got brave and loved feeding the goats. Jason's hands were wet from mining for gold and all the food stuck to them - ick!


Monday, August 13, 2007

A Day in Boston
It was a gorgeous day out so Mike and I decided to take the kids into Boston. I can't believe I used to do that commute every day. 1/2 hour drive to Braintree to park. Red line to Downtown Crossing. Orange Line to Back Bay. Walk through Copley Place Mall and the Shops at Prudential Center. And I was pregnant when I did it. I do not miss that commute.
Anyway, the kids liked the train and Jess waved at everyone. We got off at Back Bay and when we got up to the street, there were a ton of pigeons around. Jess was in heaven as she loves all birds. She ran after them and squealed. We walked through Coply Place and saw the fountain where I used to eat lunch alot when I worked at the Pru. There's a new fountain in the Pru garden that we checked out. Then we got out to the Christian Sciene Center's wading fountain. This was the whole reason we'd come to this part of Boston. I brought extra clothes and towels for the kids. Jason had a blast but Jess wanted no part of it. Before we left, she let me put her hand in as long as I was carrying her. We walked over to the Maparium which is simply amazing and Jason and I took the tour. It's owned by the Christian Science Church. It's a huge globe made of stained glass that you walk on a bridge through. The globe hasn't been updated since it was created in the 1930's so some of the countries are outofdate. If you stand in the very center, you have a surround sound effect when you speak. I tried to shush Jason when we first walked in and was surprised by this effect - my quiet shush sounded quite loud. If one person is on the entrance to the bridge and one is at the exit, you can hear each other whisper quite clearly. The guide said these effects were due to the way the glass panels were curved. Afterward, we went to eat at the food court. I went to Flamers for chicken fingers and Jason and Mike found some Mexican food. Jess ate some of everyone's dish. After this, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream - yum! Then, it was back through the malls and we spent a couple minutes watching Jess chase the pigeons again before we went down into the subway station. It was a great day!
The kids on the T
The Prudential Center where I used to work when I worked for an advertising agency.
Jess in her glory chasing birds.
Jason having a great time in the water and Jess saying no way!
Jason at the Hall of Ideas before going into the Maparium. This fountain had water swirling around it with words projected onto it. In the center, letters were swirling done into a funnel.
The taco met with Jason's approval.
Jess loves pushing her carriage around.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Community Night Out

The town next to us had their annual police community night out at the intermediate school and we went. Jess liked running around after Jason and enjoyed "driving" the miliary vehicles. Jason talked to the servicemen about the weapons and had a blast on the wet blowup slide. It was a long line but he went on twice. The first time he had a little blonde girl in line behind him who kept putting her arms around him and hugging him. I asked him if he knew her but he said no. He just can't keep the girls away!! They had a large snake, ferret, bulldog, and bird at the event. Jess freaked out when Mike brought her near the snake. She liked the ferret and bird. We ran into some people from church and talked to them for a while and made a date for Jason to sleep over their house; they have a son his age who's been asking his parents for Jason to come over. I went up in a cherry picker with Jason and Jess. I'm afraid of heights but this didn't seem too bad; I was able to look over the edge without stressing.
Jason in line with his new friend
Jason jumping onto the slide
Jason learning about how to shoot
Jess driving
Jason, Jess and me in the cherry picker

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Child of God

Today was Jessica's baptism. We had a beautiful day for it. It's in the low-mid 70's, low humidity, with a gentle breeze - couldn't ask for a better day. My cousins Peter and Peter (father and son - I can never remember how that first, first once removed, second, etc goes so I just call them cousins) and their wives Carmen and Michele came from PA and everyone else came down from north of Boston. Jess did a great job. She didn't cry when the water was poured on her head but she wasn't happy when Pastor took her to present her to the congregation by walking down the aisle with her. Jason was asked to be alcolyte which made him happy; it keeps him busy during church getting chances to get up and help. Afterward, everyone came back to my house and we had lunch. Jess received some beautiful presents.

In our church, the children don't wear the white gown until after they've been baptised. Jess wore her Easter dress for the actual ceremony.

Before the pouring of water

Pouring the water

Changed into her white dress

Presenting Jessica Kangchan Sullivan, Child of God

Playing with her new doll

The cake

Jess and Nana Ruth

Saying goodbye

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Do You Care About LIDs After Yours?

This was a question posted on Rumor Queen. Do I care? Of course I do. I watch for referrals every month. I do admit that it's not the same nailbiting, stress-laden, wait up all night for the CCAA site to change feeling I had before our agency approved our match with Jess. I follow blogs, I hang out at Rumor Queen and, I check our agency's waiting child list to see if the last two children have been matched so that there'll be a new list for all the people waiting. I met so many wonderful people who are still waiting and, while in China, I saw so many children that I can't help but care.

While there aren't any pictures that really go along with this topic, I'll post some photos anyway just because.

Modeling a new outfit from Gymboree. Gotta love those GymBucks; they're the only way I can afford anything there.

I know Mommy put something in my hair!

Two spoons are better than one!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Day at the Beach
Mike and I took the kids and one of Jason's friends to Nantasket Beach today. I meant to buy a water camera at the store on the way but forgot so no pictures. The kids had an excellent time. Jason and his friend, Seamus, played in the waves while Jess entertained herself by digging in the mud and chasing seagulls. She didn't want to go near the ocean until one of the seagulls started going towards it. Then she was adamant that she wanted to go in after it. She's doing a good job keeping her hat on. Her hair is thin and I'm afraid of her scalp getting burnt. I sprayed sunscreen on it which made a mess but at least she was protected.

I finally got my biggest problem of the summer solved. I was so stressed about finding daycare for Jess when school starts. I didn't want to pay for full-time since Mike has a rotating schedule and is home so much. One person was going to do part of it but was unsure what days she'd be working at her mom's work. I was fine with that at first thinking once she knew what days she was available, I'd just sign up Jess at another friend's daycare on a permanent schedule (i.e. if the first person was free M, W, F, Jess would go to my friend's daycare every Tues and Thurs whether Mike was working or not since we'd be paying for a permanent slot). I figured that'd free Mike up for some overtime or things that need to get done. Anyway, a few weeks ago I talked to the person about what days she was free and got the runaround. I'd originally told her that it was fine if things changed or she decided that she just didn't want to do it but to let me know. I think the problem was that she looked at it as a favor to me; since I'd be paying her, I looked at it as hiring her to do a job. When she didn't return my email after a week, I talked to Pastor's wife at work and she found someone who wants to do it from church. She has 3 kids, 2 are in school and she's a teacher. She's home with her youngest and watches another teacher's kid. We worked out the details and now Jess has a definite place to go when Mike works - yeah!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jason's Home!!!!

Jason went to Camp Calumet in NH for two weeks. It's a great camp run by the Lutheran Church; I went there as a kid for many years. He had a great time although he said that two weeks was too long and he only wants to go for one week next year. He went last year for a week. The first couple of days he was gone, Jess kept walking around calling gege. Mike got out of work on Saturday morning and went to NH to pick him up. It was too long of a ride to take Jess on just to turn around and come back home so Mike went alone. I didn't expect them back until around 5. Jess had me up early that morning so when she lay down for her nap, I laid down with her. I woke up at 3 and Jason was on the computer. I didn't even hear them come in. When Jess woke up, she burst into tears. She sobbed for a good 15 minutes. I wish she could tell me what she was thinking. I don't know if she was surprised to see Jason back or what. After her outburst, she returned to her usual happy self and was climbing all over Jason. I'm glad both of my kids are home with me.