Sunday, November 30, 2008

Success with Santa

Last week we went to see Santa arrive at the community room at the local shopping center and took a ride on a haywagon with him. He sat right next to us. Jess wouldn't get off my lap but she did wave at him which was more than she was willing to do last year. Reading those Christmas books all year long must have helped*S* We waited in line to see Rudolph. When we got there, Jess didn't want to get near him but as soon as we were out of line, she started crying she wanted to see him. This week we went back to see Clifford. She went right up to him and started patting his nose. Then we waited to see Santa and she went right up to him as well. She told him she wants a dollhouse. Next week Patricia's taking her there to see Curious George.

Jason and Santa

Jason and Rudolph.

Jess and Clifford the Big Red Dog

Telling Santa what she wants

I missed the smile but at least there are no tears.

Friday, November 28, 2008


We had Thanksgiving at our house this year which I really enjoyed. I'd been sick from Monday night through Tuesday and was really weak and achy on Wednesday but by Thursday I was ready for some turkey. My mom, Patricia, Michelle, Scott, Lynn and Ciara joined us. Jess was a little jealous of Ciara but by the end of the day was telling her she was "so cute".

Jason, Jess, Ciara and Scott

Jess looking cool with her sunglasses and Ciara's Minnie.

The whole crowd

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action, WIGGLES!!!
I took Jess to see the Wiggles today. What a blast!! We had okay seats - they were on the floor but were in section 6 and over to the left. Jess stood on my lap and was able to see fine. She was in awe the entire show. I didn't know if they'd allow cameras so I bought a disposable one that I could throw away if I had to. Of course, it turned out you can bring cameras in so if we go back I'll bring my digital. Once I get the camera developed, I'll post some pics. I told Jess she could pick something out from the kiosk they had. She chose a Captain Feathersword hat and sword. She looked adorable with them (of course!). After the show, we went to Bugaboo Creek for a late lunch since we had a long drive home (show was in Worcester). While we were there, a woman started talking to us about how cute Jess is and asked how old she is, etc. Then she said "Let me show you why I'm asking so many questions." and called her 3 year old over. She has an adorable little girl also from China. It was very nice not to have someone say "She's so little!" or "Wow! She's tiny, isn't she?" I know people don't mean anything bad when they make those observations, but it does get tiring. Jess had a long nap both on the way to the show and the way home so I'm sure she'll be up rather late tonight. Thankfully there's no Sunday School tomorrow.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jess was a Patriots cheerleader for Halloween and Jason's costume didn't actually have a name although he did look a bit like a dementor. He used a voice changer under his mask so he sounded scary. We all started off together at Jason's friend's house. We've gone with several families the past few years. I knew we would probably get separated since Jess was much younger than any of the other kids and we wouldn't be keeping up so I just told Jason to call me when he was done. Jess and I walked (rather, I walked, she walked sometimes rode sometimes) for 2 hours. She got the hang of saying trick or treat and thank you very quickly. She did ask one woman for more candy - oops! Everyone gave her costume a lot of attention - Go Pats! I should have dressed up as a football player - maybe next year :) By the end she was getting cold so she wrapped up in a blanket and my sweatshirt. I'd taken her out last year but she was too little to really understand it then. She had a blast this year!