Monday, July 06, 2009

Fourth of July
Since our plans to go to Boston fell through, I decided to take the family to Old Sturbridge Village for an 1830's Independence Day celebration. We had a blast! Mike met up with us late afternoon because he had to do a funeral but the kids and I set off early and spent the day at OSV. Jasn and Jess played games like Les Graces (throw a wooden hoop to each other using wooden sticks), Coits (like horseshoes but with circles), and Shuttlecock. Jess loved the animals and the parade.

Around 3:30, we went to the hotel to meet Mike. We stayed at the Scottish Inn. It was very basic and clean (for $53, that's all we expected). We went back to the OSV for the evening festivities. Jason did a sackrace and we listened to the band play. Jess did a cute jig to the music but as soon as I picked up my camera, she'd stop. The fireworks were awesome! Jess absolutely loved them; the look on her face was priceless. Jason said he definitely wants to go back next year.

On Sunday we went back to OSV. We toured a couple of houses and Mike joined Jason in a game of Les Graces and Shuttlecock. Jason and Jess both played tug of war and baseball. Jess got trampled in the tug of war. They tried fishing with bits of bread. Jason caught a fish which got thrown back. On the trolley ride Jason and Jess were picking at each other (what else is new?). I moved Jess to the other side of me which would have been the end of it except that the woman next to me shook her finger in Jess's face and told her to be quiet. Who the hell are you to talk like that to my kid!? Especially when I'm already taking care of the issue! I moved Jess back to the other side next to Jason. The woman yelled at her husband later on the ride so I guess her rudeness isn't reserved for strangers.

Fishing at Mill Pond

Reading the Declaration of Indendence
Right before the fireworks started

Cloud watching
Making the noonday meal

Ready for the riverboat ride

Playing Les Graces