Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blowing Off the Dust

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've been here.  I mean to get back but it life gets busy.  Anyway, I'll post some pics and try to catch up.  Here's one of my favorites I took this summer.  Jess loves the beach.

Highlights since the last time I was on:
  • We celebrated our 7th Gotcha Day anniversary.  This year, instead of New Tokyo, we went to Fridays.
  • Jason has been playing soccer since last fall both at school (fall season) and during the rest of the year through a local rec club.  He runs track in the spring.  
  • Jason started working at his first job last week.  He's a lifeguard at pool in a town about 15 minutes from home.  
  • Jess started acro classes in the fall and the studio owner approached her this spring about joining her new team.  She tried ballet over the summer to make sure she liked it and she's hooked.  So, in the fall Jess will be taking ballet, jazz, and company (team).  She has 1 competition and a recital. She had her first recital this spring for her acro class and had a blast.
  • Jess auditioned for the South Shore Conservatory Children's Chorus and was accepted.  She'll be going to weekly practices and has 3 concerts.  She'll be singing at the Plymouth Philharmonic holiday concert and with the African Children's Choir in April.  She's going to be a busy girl!
  • We went to visit family this summer in PA and we visited a monument in Gettysburg with my great grandfather's name.  It was a great time.