Saturday, August 26, 2006

Referrals came in by surprise

According to the forums, no one expected referrals before next week. Surprise! They came in on Wednesday. Unfortunately they only went through 7/22/05 so my agency didn't receive any. I was very depressed when I first read it but picked myself up and I'm back to normal (with the help of some chocolate*S*).

I had some coupons for Michaels Arts and Crafts so I got some card making supplies and am going to start stamping thank you cards. I won't need them for a while but it gives me something to do that I probably wouldn't have time for later. If I get a chance after I make a sample tonight I'll post a pic. Last year I bought a stamp that had thank you written in Chinese characters so I'm going to use this. I need to finish stenciling the baby's room as well. Maybe I'll go do that now (rather than finish cleaning out my craft room which I am currently taking a break from).

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