Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Counting down
The countdown is on and of course I get sick. Well, at least it's now and not 2 weeks from now when we'll be traveling. I've rearranged my facial, eyebrow waxing and hair appointments. I didn't think they'd send us at the end of February so when I made all my appointments, I thought I'd have plenty of time. Next week is going to be super busy. I set up a time at Make and Take Kitchen so I could assemble some meals to have frozen when we get back. I called and let our credit card company know we'd be traveling as others have said it's good to do. Some people really don't think before they speak. The guy at the credit card company asked me if it were cheaper to "buy" a child in a foreign country that it is in the US. Sorry, I am not buying a child. I would have gotten into it more but I'm sick and my throat hurts so it's really difficult to talk. I just wanted to scream.

I found out from Lynn she may not be able to come with us which is really disappointing. I know she'd been really looking forward to it and I know Jason was also really looking forward to someone being there to hang with him. I haven't broken the news to him yet. I've been friends with Lynn for a long time (in deference to her, I won't say how long *S*) and I was looking forward to sharing this experience with her.


Anonymous said...

i can't believe the credit card guy said that!!! why do people feel the need to say stuff like that! grrrrr

do any of the families going with you have kids jason's age?

Anonymous said...

sorry that was me, auntie jen :-)

Paula said...

One of the families is bringing their 12 and 9 year old daughters so Jason will have kids near his age. The family has no other children yet.

Marla (JM) said...

Hi Paula,
I was just checking your blog to see your travel dates and it looks like you're leaving very soon! I can't wait to follow the journey and hope that it's a wonderful one! Your daughter is just precious! :)