Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time for the toddler bed

The other night I decided to try to put Jess into her crib. She's been cosleeping with us but it's really time to get her into her own room. She was less than pleased by being put into her crib. I was watching tv with Jason downstairs and we heard a thump. I thought she threw her bottle of water out of the crib. Suddenly her cries were getting closer and closer; Jason and I bolted up the stairs and found Jess coming out of her room. I have no idea how she got out of her crib. The only toy she had in there was a very small, soft pig that wouldn't give any leverage, no blankets, nothing to climb on. The crib turns into a toddler bed but I worried she'd fall out. I bought a guardrail to put on it but when I read the box, it said to NEVER use it with cribs or toddler beds, only with regular beds that have boxsprings. So, the rail is going back to the store, I've disassembled the crib and bought the toddler bed pictured above. Jason and I put it together since Mike's working tonight - what a pain that was! It took so long to put it together and we were so hot and tired afterward that I couldn't face trying to get her to use it tonight. Tomorrow night when both Mike and I are home is soon enough. She can get onto and off of this bed and was climbing all over it. Hopefully she's as enthralled with it tomorrow.

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Dan and Sharon Curry said...

Holy cow! I can't even imagine how she could have gotten out of her crib. That must have been scary! Keira has been in her crib since we got her home and it's so high up, I can't imagine how she could get out. Jess is like Houdini! lol