Monday, December 31, 2007

Catching up on Christmas
It's been busy so I haven't had a chance to update my blog. On 12/23, Jason was in our church's Christmas pageant. He played Joseph and did a wonderful job! He seems to learn by osmosis because I never saw him practice his lines yet he knew them all.

That night we went to our church's Christmas party where I finally got a picture of Jess on Santa's lap without her crying. At first I couldn't get her near him but then another woman picked her up and plopped him on his lap quickly and I snapped the shot.

Christmas Eve we put out reindeer food - oatmeal and colored sugar -NEVER GLITTER because it's bad for the birds that may peck at the oatmeal. Jess didn't quite get the idea of sprinkling it and just kept throwing the baggie of oatmeal.

Christmas morning we went downstairs at 6:45. Thankfully Mike didn't have to work. Other years, if he was working on Christmas, Jason and I would get up at 5 with him. If he was getting off Christmas morning, Jason and I would wait until he got home before going downstairs. The kids got a ton of stuff.

Evidence that the man in red had been there.

Jason with his glow in the dark ghost pirate ship.

This will probably be the last Christmas she's excited about getting clothes until she's a teenager.

Jess with her new Elmo potty. She loves it but only wants to sit on it fully dressed.

Jess with her new backpack and her rose petal cottage. That thing was a pain to put together!!

Jason with his pig launcher.

That afternoon we went to Mike's aunt's house in Stoneham. It was fun introducing Jess to people she hasn't met yet. She really took to Margaret and threw her arms around her legs. That's unusual for her to do with a stranger. She enjoyed playing ring around the rosey with her.
My niece with Jess. My sister, mom, niece and nephew all met us at Mary's house so we got to see both sides of the family which was nice.

Every time we all get together, we try to get a pic of all the grandkids on Mike's side. It's very tough trying to get all 4 to look at once.

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