Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Finery

I hadn't planned on getting a new dress for Jess for Easter but this was on sale and I couldn't resist. She loves the way it flares out and keeps twirling around so she can see it. I had thought that if I got anything I was going to get something purple as I really like that color on her but this dress was just perfect. Finding shoes was a little harder. I went to several Payless stores before finding something I liked in her size. Why do they make toddlers shoes with heels? What happened to the little patent leather mary janes? I did finally find a pair of white leather shoes that looked appropriate. Of course, since Easter is so early this year, she'll be wearing a sweater on top of her dress. We'll just have to turn the heat up at home so she can take the sweater off when we get back from church.

She's pouting because she wants to see the picture I took but doesn't realize I can't take a picture until she sits somewhat still. The embroidery on the top is of Minnie Mouse (of course!!).

Playing around with her cottage

Click on the video below and you can see Jess twirling around in her new dress.

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