Monday, April 07, 2008


Mike had to work on Easter but he was able to get someone to stay a little late so he could be with us Easter morning. The kids were up at 6:30. Jess enjoyed her basket. I think her favorite part was the bubbles. We picked my mom up at her hotel and went to church. I had planned on going to the 8 am service figuring Jess would have me up anyway but Jason was put on the schedule to alcolyte at the 10 am service. Mike couldn't come because he had to get going to work. After church we stopped at Paneras since we wouldn't be having dinner for a while. I used to love Panera's but the one that just opened by my house is not very good. They were out of teabags. The iced tea was very weak. They forgot to give my mom the bread she bought. The one near my old work made the strongest ice tea I've ever had and this place makes the absolute weakest. Soon before dinner, Jess crashed. I'd tried to get her down for a nap before everyone came but she wouldn't have that.

Jason trying a Harry Potter jelly bean

Jess and Nana Ruth

Jess asleep on the chair before dinner

Jess at church before service

Jess and Jack

Jess and Nana Pat at Paneras

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