Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newport, RI
We took the kids to Newport last weekend. We started on the Cliffwalk. Mike and Jess stayed with us to Narragansett then Jason and I went on to Marine by ourselves. When we got to Marine, we decided it was too hot to go the next 2 miles since there were no cutoffs inbetween. That night Jason and I did the ghost tour around downtown Newport - lot of fun!! The next day, Mike and Jason went to the arcade while I took Jess to see the Green Animals. As often as I've been to Newport, I've never seen them (I have seen all the mansions though). I decided to become a member of the preservation society so now I can get into the mansions for free. I want to go this fall on my own and then again at Christmas with the kids to see Santa. What I save on these tours will more then make up for my membership fee. I also got a free ticket for behind the scenes and rooftop tour which I want to go on at the Elms. The Breakers has new rooms open to the public. Lots to see.

Jess with the bears at the Green Animals. She couldn't decide if the big one was a mommy or daddy.

Hanging out in a tree at the Green Animals.

Jason and our wonderful tourguide, Autumn.

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