Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Jessica!!!

I'll post pics later but since I'm wide awake in the middle of the night I thought I'd update my blog. My camera's downstairs and I don't want to wake anyone by opening the gate (Jess still has supersonic hearing when it comes to that).

Tuesday night we went to Bugaboo Creek to celebrate Jess's birthday. She was a little confused about why we were going out on Tuesday when we'd been telling her her birthday was Wednesday. My mom recently moved to a nursing home and we've been told that we shouldn't take her out for a while because it adds to her confusion. So, tonight we'll be bringing a cake to the nursing home to celebrate with my mom which is why we did dinner last night.

Jess loves Bugaboo Creek. She loves the moose outside, she loves the talking animals and she loves having the waitstaff sing to her and bring her the moose puppet to kiss. We brought her presents with us to open. She loves my camera so I bought her a VTech digital camera for kids. She spent the rest of the night taking pictures of everything. She also got some clothes and an art kit. From Jason, she got a Ni Hao Kai-lan doll - dino dreams. For those who don't know who Kai-lan is, it's a show on Nickelodeon that is like Dora the Explorer except she is Chinese and speaks some Mandarin. Tonight Jess will get an easel and some supplies to go with it that I got for my mom to give her. Sunday is her party. It started out as being a teaparty but is now a Cinderella party. She wants to wear her Cinderella dress and picked out a castle for me to make her cake. All of the decorations she picked out were Cinderella. I think I'm going to get some wand kits for kids to decorate if I can find them at Michaels today after work.

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Lola Granola said...

Hey--our girls have the same bday, then! Your Jess has been home so much longer...I can really see the differences looking through your blog. We'll get there!