Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jason Turns 12!

Jason turned 12 on Saturday July 3. We went to see the Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats at the South Shore Music Circus. They were awesome! Afterward, we went to Moe's for dinner. Jason's main present from us is his time at Calumet. We also paid for most of the tent he got to have his sleepover in and I gave him a gift certificate to Borders in his card.

Jess is demonstrating how to use a Chinese yo yo.

When this girl was done balancing everything, she took one of the sets of glasses apart and poured the liquid that had been in one out to show that they hadn't been empty when was doing her act. Amazing!

This guy's feet went past the scaffolding when he was holding himself straight up. The control he has over his body is wild.

This was Jason's favorite part. The guys juggled their hats and did acrobatics while throwing their hats in the air and catching them before they could hit the ground.

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