Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our PA Trip
While Jason was at Calumet for 2 weeks, Mike, Jess and I went to PA. We went to Sesame Place which seems more built up than it was when we went with Jason 10 years ago. Jess's favorite rides were the merry go round, Blast off and Vapor Trail (roller coaster). I preferred the raft rides and really enjoyed the lazy river. Our last night there, Mike took Jess over to the Twitterbug playground while I went around the lazy river a couple of times on my own. There were a lot fewer people at that point and it was really relaxing. After two days at Sesame Place, we went to my cousins' for a couple of days. We had a great time with them and Jess loved playing with the babies. She's already asked when she can see them again. From there, we drove halfway home to break the ride up and stayed overnight at a hotel. The next day we went to Mystic Aquarium before finishing our drive home. Jess had fun feeding the stingrays and went on a 3-d movie ride which she liked. She just made the height minimum. We had a great trip!

Cookie Monster and Jess. She's so sweet he can't help but gobble her up.

Jess and Mike on one of her favorite rides. Wherever we go, she always wants to ride the carousel first.

As you come onto the park property, they have several characters "handprints" like a walk of fame. Jess tried her hands in each one. Elmo is the closest to her size.

Jess feeding Maya and Bobby.

Jess feeding the stingrays at Mystic Aquarium

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Michele said...

adorable!!! we miss you guys!