Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little girls and hairbows

Tonight I learned how to make hairbows. I've tried before but could never get them to look right. Tonight I decided to try again and keep trying until I got it. What made me take on this endeavor that never worked for me before? My cousin posted a link on her blog to another blog. The blog belonged to a woman who just lost her 4 month old daughter. I was in tears reading her entry. Anyway, in her blog, she said that her daughter loved big bows and would readers put bows on their daughters on Wednesday (the day of her daughter's funeral) in remembrance of her. So, while we were out today I looked for a big bow for Jess. The only ones that weren't meant for babies (on those little headbands that would never stay put on Jess even if they fit her) were out of my budget. I went home and looked online for a tutorial. I found one I hadn't seen before and it looked rather easy - no measuring, no fussiness - just kind of play with it until you like it and its all good. http://www.southernplate.com/2009/09/how-to-make-hair-bows-video-step-by-step.html. Jess and I went back to Michaels and bought ribbon (I can see a new obsession possible here - I had to make myself put several rolls back), plain barrettes, and fraycheck. When Jess went to bed tonight, I laid everything out in front of the computer and made my first bow while the video on the southernplate.com blog played. I hit pause a few times while I untangled my knots or tried different ribbon combinations but I think the final products look pretty good. The pink one was my first one. The two in the picture that are the same ribbon aren't supposed to look the same. I haven't tried making 2 that look the same yet so Jess will just wear these when she has one ponytail or braid in. I'm going to trim the tails some more tomorrow; I couldn't find my fabric scissors and my cutterbees were shredding the fabric. Tomorrow Jess will wear the biggest one, the pink one.

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