Sunday, July 03, 2011

Canobie Lake Park
For my sister-in-law, Jen's, birthday we took her to Canobie Lake Park. What a great time we had! Jason was especially excited to have someone to go on the rides that Mike and I won't go on.

We got there as it opened so we could get
very minute out of it.

Jess with Abraham Lincoln

Jess getting ready for the swing ride. My mom once told me this was one of her favorite rides when she was younger.

Jen and Jason going over our heads on the roller coaster.

Jess is a danger behind the wheel!!!

Jen and Jason on Sk8ter.

My favorite ride - the Boston Tea Party!!! (which for some reason I kept calling the Mayflower).

The Turkish Twist - this used to be my my favorite ride but I can't handle it anymore :( This picture is of Jen. Jason's standing on the other side of her but it was really hard to get a pic with it going so fast.

Canobie's newest ride - Untamed. Jen swore she wasn't going to go on it but she couldn't deny her favorite nephew! They said it was a really smooth ride. Just looking at it makes me very nervous.

We hung out at the water area for a little bit. It was a warm day so it felt good to put my feet in the water. Jess doesn't like the buckets that dump water so she didn't venture too far in.

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