Friday, September 23, 2011

Jessica turns 6!!!!

Jess had a great day today. Last night I decorated cupcakes to put together to look like a spotted puppy for Jess's kindergarten class to enjoy. I was a little worried about how they'd look in the morning because our kitchen felt so hot but I think they looked fine. She wore her "My Birthday Rocks! shirt to school. I wasn't sure she'd want to because its long sleeved and today was 75 and humid but she wanted to so I let her. She chose to go to Bertuccis for her birthday dinner. We've always gone to Bugaboo Creek but unfortunately they have closed. Bertuccis was very good. She was not too impressed with the card I found that had happy birthday sung by Altered Images. She was like "WHO are THEY?!?!" Oh well. She was much more impressed with her present - the Kanani American Girl doll. The doll's current name is Sarah but with Jess, that could change by the moment. Bertuccis gave Jess a free dessert and sang happy birthday to her which she loved. Happy Birthday, my darling girl!!!!!

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