Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ignorant Comment

I went to Chinese class last night and was talking to two people about our adoption. It was a nice conversation until one guy chimed in. A woman had asked whether we go alone or with a group. I told her we are going with a group and the guy said "Yeah, you don't want to be wandering around alone picking through the leftover babies. Hey, that one looks cute; lets ask the mother to sell her." I was shocked (which after reading through what others on the forums have gone through I probably shouldn't have been). After all, he's in a class to learn to speak Chinese and appears to be an adult; shouldn't he have known that would be offensive both to myself and to the teacher of the class who was sitting next to me and is from Beijing? I told him that was insulting and turned to talk to someone else. Earlier, when I said that we may stop in Hong Kong to go to Disneyland, he acted like that was horrible. He liked the Hong Kong part but not the Disney; oh well, can't please everyone.

On a better note, a girl saw me on the train reading my beginning Chinese book and started talking to me. She's from southern China and was really interested in my learning to speak. She helped me with the different tones and said once I have those, the rest will be easy. Not so sure about that!!

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