Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 23, 2006

Step by step, day by day

We're one step closer today. The CCAA sent out referrals for everyone up through 6/28/05. I wished that they had gone through the whole month as it makes me nervous being an end of the monther myself (LID 8/30/05). I'm thinking maybe October for our referral (although I greatly wish it would be sooner). If we get a referral in October, we'd probably be traveling December-January. Maybe we'll see Christmas in China. I can't think of a better Christmas present than receiving our baby girl! I've prepared Jason that if we are in China on Christmas, Santa knows we're only allowed one suitcase each so he'll bring the presents to our house and they'll be waiting for him on our return (if this happens, we may need the help of some elves in setting up).

I'm out of work for the summer (yeah!!!!!). On the last day of school, I found the sweetest present on my desk. I love getting good surprises and this was so sweet. My boss left a little suitcase on my desk and inside was a check, a panda, blanket, spoons, book, and photo album. The picture doesn't do it justice. A couple at our adoption agency got a stuffed zebra to be their adoption mascot; maybe the Panda can be ours.

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