Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shopping, shopping, shopping!!!

I bought a carseat at Babies R Us. I'd looked at so many and heard good things about Britax so that's what I went with. I don't think Mike was thrilled that I chose the pink "Olivia" version but I had offered him the chance to come shopping with me*S* I also bought a pack and play for when we travel. We had one for Jason that we used a lot. Not so much to be used as a playpen but for somewhere to sleep when at Nana's or in hotels.
I found the Easter dress I want to buy but I need to wait until she is home to get it because we won't be getting an updated height/weight so I have no idea what will fit her. I'm going shopping with a friend while our kids are at karate. I'm going to buy some basics for the trip (onesies, socks, pants, sleepers) in different sizes and just keep the receipts.

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Kat said...

LOVE that carseat - it's mighty girlie!