Thursday, January 18, 2007

We have TA!!!!!

We received travel approval yesterday and will be traveling either late February or early March. We were given the option of going with the next larger group in April but I don't have any intention of waiting that long! There will be another family traveling with us to the same SWI and another with us for part of the trip as they're going to a different province. We're going in next week to sign the referral packet. I am hoping that we get updated height and weight so I can do some more shopping!!! I bought two books about attachment in adoptive parenting. I should probably get cracking on those*S* Now that I have TA, we're allowed to share more info so here goes:
Chinese name: Fu Kang Chan
Name will be Jessica Kangchan
Birthdate: 9/23/05
Province: Jinan
SWI: Jinan
I'll put the height and weight once we get the updated (if we do). The info I have is from when she was 8 months old.


redmaryjanes said...

Best Wishes to you and your Mei Mei. She is beautiful.
We are waiting for our Mei Mei. She will be the youngest of 4.

Kat said...

Paula, she's gorgeous! I wish you congratulations and good travels - I can't wait to see pictures of little Jessica when she arrives *home.*