Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jess turns 2

Jess turned 2 on 9/23 but we celebrated on 9/22 since Mike had to work Sunday. While I'd been dreaming of a princess party, Jess had her own ideas and we ended up with an Elmo party. Maybe next year she'll be up for princesses. Mike had tried to put her down early for a nap but of course she'd have nothing to do with it. She ended up crashing right before it was time for cake. Jason stood in for her while she went down for a nap and blew out her candle. One of the families we'd traveled to China with had come to the party. I'd hoped to get a picture of the girls together but when they came Jess was already starting to crash. Hopefully we'll be able to get together again and I can get some pics.
Jason showing Jess the Mulan Kitty he made at Build a Bear for her.

Jess on Sunday finally getting a taste of her cake.


Jess loving Elmo.

The birthday girl on the front steps. I love her dress. I'd gone crazy trying to find a sweater for it since I thought it may be cold but of course, it ended up in the high 70's so she didn't need one.

Jess with her new instrument set.

Jess on her birthday ready for church.

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Dan and Sharon Curry said...

Happy Birthday Jess!!! Wow Paula! I can't believe how much she has grown and how long her hair is getting. It's almost as long as Jason's now :).