Saturday, September 01, 2007

Harry Potter/Camping

Last Saturday, I took Jason to see Harry Potter at Jordan's Furniture's IMAX. The last 25 minutes were in 3D and it was really awesome. We got up there early because you never know what traffic will be like and then Jason played his DS while I read sitting on the floor at the beginning of the line. We were the first ones in and got awesome seats. After the movie, we had ice cream while watching the liquid fireworks watershow in the lobby. Then it was off to the in-laws for the night before going to Maine on Sunday.

We got an early start on Sunday and stopped at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We walked around the mansion and fort ruins for a while and Jason waded into the ocean. I tested it but it was too darn cold for me! We continued on up to Casco, Maine where we would be staying at the Point Sebago Resort. We got there right on time. Of course, my sister, mother and niece were late and it was in my sister's name so we couldn't check in until they got there. Because we were going the last week of August, we got a deal on the park home. We were staying 2 nights for $140/night. Normally, you have to stay a week and the lowest price is $1400/week. After staying there, I can say it was nice but I would definitely not spend that amount of money to do so. The website said that floor plans could vary. To me that means that the furniture may be in different spaces or the rooms may be laid out differently. It does not mean that the room that looks to be a nearly normal size on the website would in fact be smaller than my bathroom. My mother had the best room with a double bed. Patricia and Michelle shared the futon (along with Michelle's many stuffed animals) in the living room. Jason, Jess and I were going to sleep on the bunkbed. The bunkbed mattresses were as wide as me. While, yes, I could stand to lose some weight I am not as wide as a normal twin mattress! The top bunk had no safety railing so we took the mattress off and Jason slept in the living room on it. Jess and I shared the bottom bunk - not sure quite how we managed it but we did. For some reason, everyone except for me seemed to forget that it gets cold in Maine at night. I brought a large comforter so I was comfortable at night; the next morning my mom told me she was freezing so she bought blankets at WalMart. We had a fire and roasted marshmallows - yum! That's the only part of camping that I miss. The camp has activities throughout the day for kids 3 and up. Jason spent most of the day on the beach and then went to play atomic dodgeball. We went on a hayride (where Jess fell asleep) and to a bonfire. On Monday, the rest of the family went home early but Jason, Jess and I stayed at the beach for a couple of hours. It was nice and relaxed then. We had a good time but I do think the place is overpriced.

Stopping for a stretch at a rest stop.

Trying out the water at Fort Williams

Fun on the sand

Lulled to sleep on the hayride.

Jason running through the waterpark at Sebago

Our very small bunk room

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