Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Jessica loved Halloween. On Friday, we went to our church Halloween party. Jess wore her Red Sox outfit with a long sleeve onesie and tights to stay warm. Jason wore his Jason costume from last year and a mask that pumps blood. The mask was courtesy of Mike as I wasn't wasting $15 for something I knew he wouldn't keep on. After a dinner of spook-etti and meatballs, we played games and the kids had a blast. Then it was off to Jason's school for haunted hallways. People sign up to decorate doorways in the school and the kids and families go trick or treating. Jess was a little spooked since it was pretty dark but it was fun. On Halloween, I rushed out of work to get Jess from the sitter's. We went home and I got her dressed in her cheetah outfit (warmer and I could layer clothes underneath). I wanted to expose her to trick or treating in a lighted, familiar place so we went to the mall. I had to carry her at first but once she figured out people were putting candy in the bag, she was good to go. After that, we went home and met up with Jason's friends and parents and went around our neighborhood. When I dropped Jess off at home, she was not happy about missing out on the rest of the treats. When I took her to people's doors, she meowed at them which was so cute. It was a great Halloween. I can't wait to see how she likes Christmas!

Jessica meeting a new friend at church.

Jason and Jess at haunted hallways
Jess getting the hang of trick or treating
Jess ready to hit the neighborhood.
Jason in bloody mask

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