Thursday, November 29, 2007

Supporters of P.O.O.P. Unite!!!

Okay so the acronym isn't all that great but I'm behind the concept 100%. It stands for People Offended by Offended People. Earlier this month, a local school canceled their 7th graders' field trip to see Miracle on 34th Street because some parents complained that there was (gasp!!!) Santa Claus in the play. If I found a field trip objectionable, I'd keep my kid home. But, keeping their children home would take away the complainers feelings of triumph in this case. If Jason or Jess went to that school, I'd take them out for the day and go see it with them myself. Yesterday I heard about a school in Ohio that canceled a play that the students were putting on only a couple weeks before it was supposed to open so all of their time learning lines, making sets, etc was for nothing. The offensive play? Agatha Christie's 10 Little Indians. According to WTKK, one member of the NAACP called and complained about this play. Was the NAACP concerned that Native Americans would be offended by the title? No. What the issue was that 60 years ago, in England, the book was released under the name 10 Little N's (inappropriate word for African Americans). It was never released in this country under that title and the title was changed in England 60 years ago. I know extremely few people who actually know the original title. As Michael Graham of WTKK said, (paraphrased because my memory isn't all that great at verbatim speech) "I'm tired of a small number of people who appear to be easily offended dictating what is allowed. You're offended by Santa Claus? Well, I'm offended that you're offended so need to stop being offended so that I won't be offended anymore! "

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