Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jess was a Patriots cheerleader for Halloween and Jason's costume didn't actually have a name although he did look a bit like a dementor. He used a voice changer under his mask so he sounded scary. We all started off together at Jason's friend's house. We've gone with several families the past few years. I knew we would probably get separated since Jess was much younger than any of the other kids and we wouldn't be keeping up so I just told Jason to call me when he was done. Jess and I walked (rather, I walked, she walked sometimes rode sometimes) for 2 hours. She got the hang of saying trick or treat and thank you very quickly. She did ask one woman for more candy - oops! Everyone gave her costume a lot of attention - Go Pats! I should have dressed up as a football player - maybe next year :) By the end she was getting cold so she wrapped up in a blanket and my sweatshirt. I'd taken her out last year but she was too little to really understand it then. She had a blast this year!

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