Sunday, November 30, 2008

Success with Santa

Last week we went to see Santa arrive at the community room at the local shopping center and took a ride on a haywagon with him. He sat right next to us. Jess wouldn't get off my lap but she did wave at him which was more than she was willing to do last year. Reading those Christmas books all year long must have helped*S* We waited in line to see Rudolph. When we got there, Jess didn't want to get near him but as soon as we were out of line, she started crying she wanted to see him. This week we went back to see Clifford. She went right up to him and started patting his nose. Then we waited to see Santa and she went right up to him as well. She told him she wants a dollhouse. Next week Patricia's taking her there to see Curious George.

Jason and Santa

Jason and Rudolph.

Jess and Clifford the Big Red Dog

Telling Santa what she wants

I missed the smile but at least there are no tears.

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popstar1964 said...

I wonder if she thought he looked like grandpa! haha