Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching Up

I keep thinking I'll be better at keeping my blog up to date but life just keeps getting in the way. For a while I couldn't open it because of the radioplayer I had on. My computer had had a virus and when we got it back, blogs with radioplayer on them shut it down. I took it off mine so I can finally get back on.

Jason's expanding his repertoire of cooking. I know a lot of people think it's not right that I don't make him eat what Mike or I are cooking if he doesn't like it but having grown up being made to eat things I hated, I just can't do that. However, I have no intention of running a restaurant so the rule is if you don't like what's for dinner, you need to make something yourself. Jason started off pouring cereal, putting tortillas and cheese together and making pb&j sandwiches when he was really little. He graduated to the microwave for pancakes, waffles and chicken nuggets. He makes frozen pizza and is now making tacos. I don't let him make the tacos or anything requiring the stove when no one else is home. One person told me that not making him eat the hot meal we cook shows him we don't really care about him. Mmmm....I don't think so.

A rare moment - playing nicely, no teasing or fighting.
Happy Valentine's Day. Jason went to a wrestling meet while Jess, Tricia and I took my mom out for tea. My mom loves the tea place in Plymouth. I tried the cornish pasty which is new there and it was really good! I think I may be going back sooner than usual to get it again. Plus I need some more sweet cranberry tea.
Jess at the tea room. She got cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches, grapes, strawberries, and cookies. After she ate everything, she helped me eat my dessert plate, especially the chocolate covered strawberry! When I'd originally called to make the reservations, the owner asked how many people and I said 3 adults and a child. He asked how old the child was and I said 4. There was silence and then I said that she'd been there frequently. Then he knew who I was and said he was happy we were coming in. Jess is always extremely well behaved there and the owners always give her a little something extra - more grapes, an extra sandwich, etc. This time Jess was helping me eat my chocolate strawberry and one of the owners (husband and wife couple) told me she had a chocolate strawberry on the counter that she couldn't serve because it didn't look perfect but would Jess like it. Jess was thrilled.


Michele said...

First off, GORGEOUS KIDS!!! I cant believe Jason is so big and Jess... She is a doll!

I dont think it is wrong that Jason cooks; in fact, I think is is awesome that you are giving him independence. Who knows, you may have a world renowned chef on your hands soon!

popstar1964 said...

i love the new photos, glad to hear the Tea went well ( i wish they had tea places around me). and i think having Jason cook is a great idea.