Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun Times

Jason and I get many of our travel ideas from watching Samantha Brown; she gets to do the coolest stuff. On one of her shows, she went indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel in Vegas. I thought that was so cool but figured it'll be a while before we get back to Vegas (although I'd love to go back; it was so much fun and there are many child friendly things to do). At a scrapbooking event I was at I met a woman who was scrapping pictures of her family doing indoor skydiving but it was in NH. Jason's grandparents bought him a gift card for his birthday last summer and during our break last week we finally got up there. Mike and I decided to do it as well. While Jess is technically old enough, we didn't think she'd enjoy it so she came with us but didn't do it. The instructor had me go first so that after I'd done my 2 times, they could shut the wind down for a minute and I could switch out with Mike. I was a little freaked at going first but it was wicked cool. Jess was a little freaked out watching the instructor at first and started crying that she didn't want daddy to go in there. She calmed down afterward and enjoyed watching it.
Jason suited up and ready to go
I'm floating

Up up and away with Jason

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