Friday, June 18, 2010

International Fair

We went to the international Fair at Bay Farm Academy which is a Montessori school in a local town. I'd seen a flyer for the school on a restaurant door and thought it'd be fun. I checked out the website for the school. Now, I'm not really a Montessori fan to begin with but I don't think any school for toddlers (school goes to 8th grade) is worth $18K a year (and before anyone says that you'd pay that at a regular daycare, this $18K only covers the school day. If you want extended care or summer care, it's more). Anyway, the fair was a lot of fun and I hope they do it again next year. I'd posted it on my meetup's board and two other moms met me there. The kids starting off by getting a passport. Each area was setup as a different continent and there were crafts to do. Once the craft was finished, the children's passports got stamped. At the end, the kids got a squeeze ball that looks like Earth.
Jess with the world in her hands.
Jess chose the bumblebee for her kiddie yoga pose to try. She did a great job! We checked out their brochures and may see about signing her up for a class.
Jess tried several different foods today. Here she is eating a beef patty from Africa. She didn't like it very much but she gave it a good shot. She tried Zanzibar chicken which she loved. We also tried a drink that had watermelon in it and was very good. Children from the school put on presentations about different countries - what a great job they did!
Jess enjoyed writing Arabic letters in the sand.

The turtle means longevity. Her tattoo lasted over a week even with all the baths she took so it lived up to its meaning LOL

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