Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Jason and I went to church on Friday. I always find Good Friday service so touching. This year Pastor carried the wooden cross up to the front and everyone had been given pieces of black paper that were sticky to represent our sins. We walked to the front of the sanctuary and placed our sins on the cross.

Saturday we went to TGI Fridays for lunch to see the Easter bunny. We got there right when it opened, took pictures with the bunny, ate lunch and were on our way out as it was getting busy - good timing! We met Patricia, her fiance Joe, and Michelle at Sam Diego's in the afternoon for dinner (I had an appetizer, Jess just ate the chips since neither of us were really hungry). Then we went to the pool where they were staying and Jess went swimming. That was a bit nervewracking since there were several large families there and apparently only 1 adult who was just as bad as the kids - splashing everyone, throwing people without looking where he was throwing them, knocking into Jess, etc. Ugh. Jess enjoyed the swimming but I kept it short.

Today we were up much earlier than normal for a weekend. We got up at 6:30 for the kids to do their Easter egg hunt and see what the Easter bunny brought. Then I did Jess's hair and got ready for the Easter breakfast that the confirmand's put on. It is for a good cause but I will admit this is not one of my favorite traditions and I am glad I don't need to be involved next year. There was a quinceanera at our church's hall last night so all our set up had to be done today. We got everything set up, food out and we made the most money ever. After the breakfast was over, it was time for the second service to start so Jason went up to work the soundboard. I stayed to clean up and by the time we were done, Jess and I ended up sitting in the loft with Jason, the trumpeter and the pianist because there was no room left. Where are all of these people the rest of the year?!? After church we came home and got ready for dinner with the family. Patricia, Joe and Michelle went to pick up my mom before coming. Thankfully it was one of her good days. I was very sad not to be able to bring her to church this morning. I think its the first Easter service she has ever missed. She talked about Aunt Betty and how good she looked recently; Aunt Betty has been gone for about 40 years or so. For dinner, we had ham, green beans, mac and cheese (my mom's recipe made by Patricia), rolls, strawberry and spinach salad, and orange buttermilk cake. It was all very good (well, I found it all good except the green beans but then I never find green beans taste good).

Jess and Jason with the Easter Bunny at church

Jess with the Easter bunny at Fridays.

Jess with her decorated eggs.


Michele said...

Love the photos :)

Good Friday is a beautiful Liturgy for me as well... and alays makes me think. This year as we walked up and the kids kissed the cross too, it really hit me hard.

We are keeping your mom- and all the family- in our prayers. Please let us know if there is anything at all that we can do.

Ashley said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! He is risen! God bless!