Monday, June 04, 2012

Princess Birthday Party

Jess received a beautiful invitation in the mail to an enchanted birthday soiree.  Only problem - she didn't know the birthday girl.  She goes to Jess's school and is in kindergarten like Jess but Jess's school has 6 or 7 kindergartens.  I emailed the mom and asked if Jess was supposed to get the invite. The mom said her daughter had given her her classmates names from the kindergarten directory and thought she had the right child but she wasn't sure; she said whether she knew her or not though that she was welcome to come.  Jess was so excited by the invitation she said to me "But Mom, you said I should meet new people."  I explained that I had had to make sure another little girl wasn't being left out by accident.  Turns out there is a Jessica in the birthday girl's class.  The birthday girl's mom invited the other Jessica as well. Jess made a point of looking for the girl at school and talking to her before the party so she wouldn't be a stranger at the party.

The birthday was held in a theatre where the girl takes jr. glee club.  The invite said to wear your fanciest dress or a princess costume.  My friend Bonnie picks up a dress for me for Jess each year at WDW.  Her parents both work there and they get a fantastic discount which she passes on to me.   Jess chose to be Belle for the party.  Everyone was dressed so beautifully.  Miss Massachusetts and Miss Massachusetts Teen were both there.

                       Back view of the princess hairdo                                 My little princess

                                                   Birthday lineup
                                              Getting a sash after the mini pageant of walking, twirling, and answering a question.  Jess's question was what is her favorite holiday to which she answered Christmas.  

                                                 The treat table
                                                  Jess and her friends Bella and Victoria.
                                                    Jess with Miss Massachusetts and Miss Massachusetts Teen
                                                  Beautiful cake
                                          Jess's plate. She's not a real sweet eater so after the cookies, she was done.

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