Saturday, November 02, 2013

September/October 2013

Sports players have to dress up for away games.  There was an away game the first day of school so I got a nice picture of Jason in a shirt and tie.  I wish I'd planned better and had taken it outside like I did Jess's but at 6:30 I was lucky I was awake enough to focus the camera.

Jess picked out her first day of school outfit from Justice.  I miss Gymboree but she's definitely a Justice girl now.

Jason went to the Homecoming dance with Jordan, the same girl he's been dating since the end of 8th grade.  He was supposed to go with Jordan to her friend's house so we could get pictures but unfortunately she had a track meet that day and it went late.  She got home just in time to grab a quick shower and get to the dance.  I dropped Jason at the dance at the same time she got there.  I was disappointed not to get pics of the two of them but at least I got a nice one of him.

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