Thursday, July 06, 2006


I have heard about ignorant comments that adoptive parents get on all the messageboards and forums that I go to but they're starting up in real life to me now. I'm sure one of Mike's friends and his wife thought they were being helpful when they told me about their friend who adopted from Russia and was able to get not one but two caucasian babies and that the country tried to push a third on them while they were there. First of all, we're adopting from China - obviously the child being caucasian is not a priority with us. Secondly, jokes about "Buy 2, get 1 free" are offensive. Use your brain people!! The majority of people involved in international adoption are not going to be amused by bigoted, racial and cultural jokes like these.

Of course, many myths about international adoption are perpetuated by stories such as the poor journalism that appeared in the LA Times. A writer wrote a supposedly satirical piece pointed at Angelina Jolie but it was written in poor taste and has the potential to harm adoptive families by angering the countries that were being mocked. I wrote a letter to the editor of that paper as did many other parents.

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