Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who knew packing could be a pastime?

I had to look up the spelling of pastime because it looks strange but according to, it's correct. I've been searching blogs and adoption websites for months reading people's packing lists and incorporating them into my own. I just found a whole new stash of them on rumor queen's forum and am in the process of sorting through the 13 pages to see if there's anything new. I'd really like to know how anyone can pack for a two week trip to China using carry on only (coo). I'm not even going to bother as I know I'd just get frustrated. There's a suitcase in the baby's room that I've been putting stuff into as I get it. I just bought some TSA locks. I think I'll be picking up an international converter next. We're going to have to get some more luggage. We have 2 decent sized suitcases and 2 huge ones. The huge ones won't qualify for the in-country flights. Target was having a sale, buy 1 suitcase get 1 free but I am leary of spending the money right now. They have these sales periodically so once school is back in session and I'm pulling a paycheck again, I'll grab a couple at the next sale. I think I might get one of the stranger colors (pink, purple) so that our luggage will be easily recognizable. I have a packing list on my website which you can see at but may be updating it again once I get through all the notes and tips I've gotten from the RQ site. Time to go watch Big Brother.

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