Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Even though we are nowhere near getting our referral, I had to go out and get some retail therapy today. I was so depressed over this morning's news that referrals only went to 7/13 and thought maybe doing something to get ready would help. This morning I finished the 2nd coat on the window in the nursery and the first coat on the baseboards. I'll put a 2nd coat on tonight and then hopefully start with the fun decorating. I'll post pictures once I get it done. Anyway, Jason and I went shopping for luggage. We have two pieces that should be okay but the others are too big considering the luggage restrictions that will be in place. I wanted another 22-24" piece. We went to Kohl's but I really didn't want to spend $200 on a suitcase right now. We went to Target and Jason found one he liked. It's a 4 piece which we didn't really need but the price was right. I'm thinking that we won't have as much trouble telling this one is ours on the luggage carousel as our others.

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