Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Big 4-0

On Tuesday, I turned 40. It wasn't quite the way I'd expected to spend it since for the past few years a friend and I had planned on going to a spa for the big day but even the best laid plans can go awry so no spa. It was a little sad having Jason away at camp but it was wonderful having Jess home this year. My mom and niece came down on Monday and we went out for a very nice dinner - filet mignon and creme brulee - yum!!! On Tuesday, I got to sleep in while Mike went out to buy my present. My mom, niece and I went to visit the Priscilla Alden museum in Duxbury and then went to French Memories bakery for some awesome pastry. We swam at the hotel my mom and niece were staying at and then went to Bertuccis for dinner. Jess loved the pool. I bought her a floaty so she could bounce around in the water. She also loved sitting on the edge holding my hands and plopping into the pool. She got a couple mouthfuls of water but that didn't sotp her! When we went out to dinner on Monday, I put a dress and shoes on Jess that I'd bought in China. I bought a larger size than she was wearing thinking it'd fit next year. Good thing I put it on her because I don't know that she'll be wearing it again - it's already getting too small. The shoes are definitely too small to wear again. She's really getting big!!

Dress she wore for my birthday dinner.
Ready for the pool
Loving the water

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Dan and Sharon Curry said...

Happy Birthday Paula! Sounds like it was a fun one.....yum...Creme Brulee :)