Thursday, July 26, 2007

I bet she never cries...
Jess has a stubborn streak just like her brother. She is normally a very happy little girl...but deny her something she has decided she wants and watch out!

In this pic she was mad because I'd denied her access either to my cellphone or my keys - can't remember which. Both have narrowly escaped being part of Jess's cat waterbowl experiments. Mike thinks I was mean for taking this picture. She wasn't hurt and she wasn't scared, simply throwing a typical 2 year old tantrum. I figure I can look back on it in the teenage years when I'm dealing with curfews, dating, driving, etc. Even crying, she is awful cute isn't she?
Speaking of cute, Jess came into the computer room when I was finishing typing a reply on a messageboard. She wanted me to pick her up so I did and sat her on my lap. She started waving and saying hi. It took me a minute but then I saw that one of the posts on the forum had a waving smilie and Jess was talking to it. So cute!!

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