Thursday, August 23, 2007

August Moon Festival and Marshfield Fair
I got an email that Quincy was holding an August Moon Festival celebration last Sunday so Mike and I took the kids to check it out. There were games and arts and crafts for the kids. Jason won some candy and little toys. Jess colored a fan.

There was a lot of entertainment from dancing to singing to martial arts. This picture is from the Lion Dance.

I'm not sure what SpongeBob has to do with the festival.

Jess and Jason coloring paper airplaces to shoot at the moon (a large white ball) and win a prize

Yesterday I took the kids to the Marshfield Fair. It was Kids Day so the kids got in free. We went when we first moved here and Mike experienced culture shock with all the country exhibits - largest pumpkin, haystacks, greased pig racing.

You never know what you'll see at the fair. Here are some vegetable critters.

Jess likes the buffalo.

Jess loves birds.

Some country fiddling and songs about the pawpaw patch.

Jess got brave and loved feeding the goats. Jason's hands were wet from mining for gold and all the food stuck to them - ick!


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