Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jess's Birthday Party

We had Jess's birthday party today. Jess had a friend from church over; this is the first time she's had a friend over - my little girl's growing up*S* I had planned on Disney Princesses but Jess wanted Tinkerbell as a theme. Before everyone got there, she was dressed in a leotard and green/white tulle skirt with green wings. By the time everyone came over though she'd gotten tired of that and changed into a Tinkterbell t-shirt and jeans - at least she was still in theme. She got a lot of great gifts and will be having a great time playing with everything. I'll get started on thank you cards tomorrow that she can sign. I was reading a letter in the Globe Magazine by a woman who doesn't let her child open presents at his birthday party. That in itself isn't horrible; I've heard of some doing it afterward although I wouldn't do that. This woman though only lets her child open 1 present per day and then he writes the thank you card. She said that sometimes he goes days or a week without opening a present but she feels that as long as the thank you card is sent out eventually, it's all good. I think it's very strange to be opening presents weeks later that you actually received at your party and that it is very rude on the parent's part. Not a problem in our case though since we let our kids open their presents right away. We had a pinata and Jason pulled the magic string setting off a free for all for candy.
Jason and Jess playing with Jason's voice changer. I thought she'd be terrified by this but she loves it.

I call this preteen angst. Jason had been yelling "pinata or presents" and had been told to stop. I got the eyeroll.

Mike helping the kids with the pinata. I love the ones that you pull strings on rather than hitting with a bat.
Jess telling us she's 3.
The cake I made.

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