Monday, June 04, 2012

Jason's Confirmation
Jason was confirmed on Pentecost Sunday.  It was a beautiful day.  I had asked Jason if he needed to bring his speech but he said no, that Pastor had it.  Wrong!  He did a good job of adlibbing.  My honest child started his speech with "I don't like getting up early on Sundays...."  Tell it like it is, dear.  He went on to say that he did get up because he works the soundboard at church as a way of working for Jesus because it makes the service sound better.  After the service, Pastor confirmed with him that he will be continuing to do the soundboard even though he doesn't have to go to Sunday school any longer.   After the church service, we had a luncheon at our house.  It was wonderful to spend time with friends and family, especially those we don't get to see often.

                                              Jason's confirmation class

                                                        My cake for our party
                                                   Jess with red on for Pentecost Sunday
                                      A rare sight - Jason in khakis, dress shirt, and tie.  He was going to wear cargo shorts and a short sleeve button shirt but he has an 8th grade dinner dance that he has to dress up for so the clothes are doing double duty (actually triple duty since he'll be wearing them for his graduation as well)
                                       Our church decorated for Pentecost Sunday with a guest oboeist
                                           The children processing in

                                               Jason doing a reading
                                                   Jason doing his speech

                                        Jess with cousins Maya and Bobby
                                                   Jess with cousins Peter and Maya
                                              Jess and Bobby
                                                  Jess and Cousin John, Baby Cousin John, and Aunt Edie

                                           Jason with Cousin Matthew
                                          Jason with the Cross he received from Thrivent

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Michele said...

We were so happy that we were able to make it! The kids are still excited!