Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Day of Dance

Every Saturday, with a couple of exceptions, during the school year we drive into Chinatown so Jess can go to her class at the Boston Chinese Dance School.  It makes for a long day - we leave an hour and a half early to give us a buffer on getting stuck in traffic, we park at a garage, walk 10 minutes to class, walk up 3 flights (that's the killer for me especially when its humid and hot out) and then I sit in the hallway while Jess goes in and watches the older girls until its time for her class.  We took the train once last year; we will never do that again.  We ended up getting bussed part of the way because of problems on the red line and had to run to make it to class on time.  After dance, we walk back to the parking lot, start the drive home and eat somewhere on the way.  The long days are worth it when I see her shows because she loves doing them.  Last summer we stopped in mid-June because Jason had to go to confirmation camp the last weekend.  This year there was no confirmation camp so she did the annual Chinatown street festival today.  Practice over the past few weeks has been running 90 minutes or longer rather than the normal 60 minutes.  Today was the festival.   The speakers went on a little long at the festival and the girls were very hot but they did a great job.  Jess had a blast.  It was a good way to end our dance year.  The school is year round but Jess likes taking a break in the summer; we'd be missing half the sessions when we go away (cruise, NY, picking Jason up at camp); and the thought of walking in the heat, climbing 3 flights of stairs and sitting in an unairconditioned hallway makes my lungs hurt. 

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