Monday, September 25, 2006


I checked RQ when I got up this morning and the CCAA website has been updated. Referrals have been sent for people with LIDs through 8/9/05. That's 18 days worth so it's more than last month which is great. Of course, I wish they got further but it looks like we should get ours October or November based on this (no guarantees of course). I feel like I'm wishing the months away from referral time to referral time. Given that they're into August and we are getting much closer, I should probably get the nursery finished.


Anonymous said...

what does it mean when you get the referral? how soon do you leave after getting it?


Paula said...

The referral is when we find out which child has been matched with us. We find out her name, where she's from and whatever info is available about her. Our agency said that people usually travel about 2 months after referral but it could be a little sooner or a little later.

Marla said...

Slowly, but surely, your referral is coming! Hang in there, Paula! Love the quilt and am so sorry about your Ariel. Have you named the other little guy yet? Just wondering. :)

Marla (JustMommies)
mom of 4, including 2 from China

Paula said...

Thanks Marla. I named the second kitten Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Halloween; I figured it combined several of my favorite things - Halloween, Christmas, and Disney. We just call him Jack for short.