Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Well, it's rumored that referrals were sent out on Friday and should hopefully be arriving at agencies early next week. Having an 8/30 LID, I certainly am not expecting ours but it is hard to resist the cry of AOA (All of August) that is resounding on the message boards. There is no clue to the cutoff date. Some say it could be 7/28 (very bad), some say a few days of August (okay but not great), some say mid-August (pretty good) and some are saying the end of August (best case*S*). 7/28-8/30 is a pretty wide range of estimates so it's anyone's guess. I usually don't wish my weekends away but I am anxious to see how far they match through.

I told Mike that I need to get another cat this morning. He asked if I wasn't sure I wanted to wait until after we go to China. Given the way that referrals have been going, I am positive I do not want to wait. If we were going next month, yes I'd wait. Given that we don't have a referral yet and probably won't have one until October at the earliest, I don't want to put off getting a kitty. Last week was so hard; I miss having a furry friend.

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Anonymous said...

(auntie jen)

this is where my best friend got her 2nd cat (its the one called trinity... now named Lucy)

they are such a nice breed of cat.
even non-cat lovers adore these cats!

fingers crossed for the referral!