Saturday, September 16, 2006

Very Sad - Ariel 2/14/93-9/15/06

Friday morning around 4:15, my kitty, Ariel, got up on the bed and laid down. She wasn't laying the way she usually does and smelled horrible. She was crying an unusual cry. I brought her in the bathroom and she didn't fuss about me carrying her which was very unusual. She kept gagging. I called our animal hospital and was referred to another that had emergency hours. I put her in a tupperware box with a towel just in case she peed. I didn't want to put her in the carrier because she really hates it and I wanted to be able to pet her. I could tell she wouldn't be jumping out. After being at the vets for an hour or so and taking x-rays, we found she had congestive heart failure. Best case scenario - she could live a month, worst - she could die anytime. The doctor said even if she lived the month, she could very well still be in pain all the time. There was no real choice for me; how could I expect her to live in pain? When I went in to see her the last time, she had her back to the room in (she was in an oxygen cage). That was very typical of her because she does not like other people. I said goodbye to her, petted her, and signed the papers for them to put her to sleep. When I was rubbing her chin and ears the last time, she turned her head to look at me and meowed. My heart was breaking but I am very thankful that God had given her the strength to jump up on my bed; otherwise I wouldn't have woken up when I did.
Last night was very tough. When we brought a basket in that I'd gotten from Maureen, my first thought was that we had to put it away so Ariel didn't get in it. Then when I was sleeping last night, I'd reach out thinking she was there since she always slept with me. I felt pressure on my leg right before I fell asleep. I like to think that Ariel was telling me she was okay. When I think back over the past week, I realize she had slowed down a bit although she didn't really seem sick. Goodbye Ariel, I love you.

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